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Kamakan Extract 1 2 of 3 ...

Scenario: Jonni and his little sister Nellie have been kidnapped by Kamakan and taken to his dank and filthy lair...

The poor, scared children saw bones on the floor
as the rogue dragged them both through a huge wooden door
and into what seemed like a large filthy kitchen
the stale, rancid air set Jonni’s nose twitching.

Then everything suddenly went terribly black.
That’s when he knew they’d been thrown in a sack.
‘I’m off for a nap, but I’ll be right back……
but on second thoughts dearies, I’d best keep you near me.
I’ll keep you beside me’ scowled Kamakan slyly.

The huge, grisly spectre then slid into a coffin
and put the sack with him, right at the bottom.
Then he folded his leathery wings right across him
and lay down to dream of things ghastly and rotten.

Meanwhile the children were stuck in the sack.
Shivering away in the cold and the black.
‘Hey Nellie, don’t fear I’ve my penknife right here.
We can cut through the cloth and scarper right off.’


Jonni sliced through the sack in no more than a trice.
Then they stuck their heads out like two frightened mice,
at a monster so awesome and totally snoresome
lying there dribbling and drobbling and jibbering.

Jonni took Nellie’s hand and gave her a kiss.
‘We’d better get moving, be brave little sis.
Just stay close to me and go ever so lightly.
Pretend you’re a dormouse and move terribly quietly.’

They climbed from the coffin and moved quietly off in
the direction of the wooden door that Kamakan had used before.

As they picked their way amongst the bones
they turned to hear a dreadful moan.
They froze to the spot and stared at the coffin
where Kamakan lay spluttering and coughing.

A big yellow eye twitched a little then closed.
A big sticky bogie appeared from his nose.
Then he fell back to sleep and started to snore
as Jonni and Nellie raced for the door.

They ran for their lives, they ran like the wind.
They didn’t know where but it was better than there!

Jonni pulled Nellie as fast as he dared.
The two little children were awfully scared.
Through passageways, tunnels and caverns they bolted
flying faster than wasps ‘til they suddenly stopped
right at the top of a gigantic drop.

Jonni grabbed Nellie even more tightly.
He pulled her away from the edge of the ledge.
They gazed down in horror at the fall they’d eluded,
‘We’d have been killed’ Jonni concluded.
He gave Nellie a cuddle and said ‘It’s ok’,

but right at that moment the ground broke away.

The ledge they were on fell from beneath
the two frightened children and from under their feet.
They screamed as it seemed that the world disappeared
in a blur of dark shadows and wind in their ears.

Jonni grasped at the air hoping to find
something to grab like a rope or a vine.
But they carried on tumbling and plummeting down
like two sacks of concrete heading straight for the ground.

Copyright Huw Roberts 2000 ©

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